Weekly Roundup: 24 February – 3 March 2015

Weekly World Wide Exhibition Round Up

24 February – 3 March 2015



<h6><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>We have rounded up a selection of upcoming shows for you to see brought to you in a regular weekly snapshot</span></h6>

<address>In the coming week there is:</address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>The African Renaissance Part 1</span></address><address>50 Golborne Gallery</address><address>Opening 11 January – 14 March 2015</address><address> </address><address>A multi-media installation set in the home of a fictitious couple from Lagos, Nigeria. The exhibition examines the global culture of contemporary art and its merger with the craft and design traditions of a pan-African identity and the diaspora. The biographical gaze invites you into the show as if a visitor to the home of the couple. The couple are demonstrated as exemplary of what it is to be a global citizen, grasping their ethnic heritage while also rounding up and using as inspiration an international narrative. The works on show consist of a collection of the character’s photographs, furnishings and objects.</address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://www.50golborne-afropolis.com/index.html” target=”_blank”>http://www.50golborne-afropolis.com/index.html</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>50 Golbrone Gallery</address><address>50 Golborne Road</address><address>London W10 5PR </address><address>United Kingdom</address><address> </address><address><i>——————————————————</i></address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>What Do YOU See? – An Exhibition of Discovery</span></address><address>Kunsthalle Bremen</address><address>Opening 11 November 2014 – 9 August 2015</address><address> </address><address>A show specially designed for children and family, What Do YOU See? presents the art institute as a pedagogical institute, inviting an audience typically ignored by the art world. Tapping into a child’s unique ability to indiscriminately navigate him/herself through a series of pictures, the exhibition primarily uses abstraction and the interaction of form and colour as a dominant theme throughout. Included in the exhibition are works from a broad spectrum of eras including Modernism, Informalism as well as pictures from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Through a partnership with twenty nurseries and day-care centres, Kunsthalle Bremen has been providing the opportunity to visit the museum and experience art to countless children.</address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://www.kunsthalle-bremen.de/home-en/exhibitions-2/current-exhibitions/” target=”_blank”> http://www.kunsthalle-bremen.de/home-en/exhibitions-2/current-exhibitions/</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>Kunsthalle Bremen</address><address>Am Wall 207</address><address>28195 Bremen</address><address>Germany</address><address> </address><address><i>——————————————————</i></address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”><i>Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook</i></span></address><address>Sculpture Centre </address><address>Opening 25 January – 30 March 2015 </address><address> </address><address><i>One of the most prominent South East Asian artists at the moment, <i>Rasdjarmrearnsook is exhibiting over 20 works featured from a career of over a decade. She <i>has produced a series of brand new works for her first ever retrospective in the United States. Her work is embedded with psychologically rich semiotics probing under-explored subjects such as women, the deceased, the insane and animals. Using the systems of language and communication, <i>Rasdjarmrearnsook constructs narratives that confront power structures and pedagigical paradigms.</i> <i>She has been wildly exhibited in the international art stage including representing</i> Thailand in the Venice Biennale 2005 and Documenta.</i></i></i></address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://www.sculpture-center.org/exhibitionsExhibition.htm?id=110556″ target=”_blank”>http://www.sculpture-center.org/exhibitionsExhibition.htm?id=110556</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>Sculpture Centre</address><address><i>44-19 Purves Street</i></address><address><i>Long Island City</i></address><address><i>New York 11101</i></address><address>USA</address><address> </address><address><i>——————————————————</i></address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>Generation Triennial: Surround Audience</span></address><address>New Museum</address><address>Opening 25 February – 24 May 2015</address><address> </address><address>Under the co-direction of curator Lauren Cornell and artist Ryan Trecartin, the latest Generation Triennial sets its sights into predicting the future of art, as opposed to taking a retrospective view point. T<i>he show includes 51 artists and collectives, both young and old, from 25 countries in an attempt to display the kinds of contemporary attitudes that are emerging. </i><i>The theme of ‘Surround Audience’ probes the state of art against a backdrop of an increasingly invasive digital presence. Through the carefully selected works, Cornell infers about the pressure set on artists through the task of persistently responding to the request of ‘performing themselves’. She states that </i>“This world is full of the possibility to editorialise ourselves for our audiences, but there is also the darker side of being tracked and having your data mined.” Not all works are associated with digital technology, there are works of sculpture, painting, video and performance as well as an online talk show by artist Casey Jane Ellison.</address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/the-generational-triennial” target=”_blank”>http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/the-generational-triennial</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>New Museum</address><address>235 Bowery</address><address>New York 10002</address><address>USA   </address><address> </address><address><i>——————————————————</i></address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>Nick Mauss</span></address><address>303 Gallery</address><address>Opening 28 February – 11 April 2015</address><address> </address><address><i>A mirrored garden is created as a vessel for Nick Mauss’ study into drawing and its relationship to space and mediums. D</i><i>rawings feature primarily as a medium which travels through various media, processes and histories. The nature of the mirrored room reflects and refracts Mauss’ lines and forms, penetrating the space, twisting and distorting ones understanding of how drawing can be navigated. </i></address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://www.303gallery.com/exhibition/index.php?exhid=275&amp;p=pr” target=”_blank”>http://www.303gallery.com/exhibition/index.php?exhid=275&amp;p=pr</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>303 Gallery</address><address>507 W 24th Street</address><address>New York, 10011</address><address>USA</address><address> </address><address><i>——————————————————</i></address><address> </address><address><span style=”color: #8a72af;”>Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary</span></address><address>Lulu</address><address>Opening 7 February – 17 May 2015 </address><address> </address><address>Mexico City-based gallery and project space, Lulu, found and run by artist Martin Soto Climent and independent curator Chris Sharp brings you The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary. The show is curated by Fabio Iza and Chris Sharp and exhibits 29 artists including archived work from over 25 others with a performance program curated by Sophie Golts running throughout the exhibition.</address><address> </address><address><strong><a href=”http://luludf.tumblr.com/future” target=”_blank”>http://luludf.tumblr.com/future</a></strong></address><address> </address><address>Bajio 231, the red door (corner of Manzanillo). </address><address>Colonia Roma, Cuauhtemoc</address><address>06760 DF</address><address>Mexico</address>