TRIAD Gallery 28 Field Street London WC1X 9DA

As part of the educational programme of the performance Enough About You, TRIAD is giving the opportunity to art students and artists to participate in a workshop created and lead by Jerusalem-born artist Einat Amir. The workshop explores notions of body, space and intimacy between strangers. We will play with some performative scenarios, through which we will ask questions about meaning, (gently) explore our personal borders and use the human body as our basic creative substance.

Workshop 1 is on the 9th October 2015 from 2pm – 4pm
Workshop 2 is on the 10th October 2015 from 2pm – 4pm Each workshop has a capacity of 20 people and lasts 90 minutes.


Enough About You explores relationships in their most organic state, revealing how individuals relate to one another when confronted with a constructed reality, as strangers become intimate and viewers become voyeurs. It is inspired by the new possibilities of virtual socialising and the instant intimacies offered in modern times. Amir blurs the boundaries between performance and authenticity in an ambitious and stimulating way, constructing lab-like circumstances in an attempt to test the limits and relations between two strangers in an intimate situation. Enough About You, a participatory performance by Einat Amir. In collaboration with the MAXXI Museum, Rome and the Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö.

TRIAD is a cultural organisation based in London, which works on developing and promoting contemporary visual arts. TRIAD prepares a yearly programme that consists of projects developed by international emerging artist and has so far presented three exhibitions in Miami, Venice Biennale and Paris. This year we will be launching our programme here in London to coincide with the week of Frieze. Additional information about the organisation on