POXXI Announcement

POXXI: Performance of the XXI Century

TRIAD is collaborating with MAXXI Museum (Rome) and Lilith Performance Studio (Malmö) on a three-year project under the banner of ‘Performance of the XXI Century’ (POXXI).

This project has emerged as a reaction to significant developments over the last decade in performance art in the XXI century

Emerging out of the 1900s, performance has developed in various forms during the second half of the century. In the last decade many organizations, art collectives and art institutions have developed innovative projects focused on performance of different scales and durations.

POXXI aims at complementing the productive efforts of these organizations and artists in producing cultural awareness on performance art, integrating it with a structured and systematic methodological approached.

The aim of this three-year project is to explore and improve the critical role of performance as an artistic expression in the history of twentieth century art encouraging new directions in performance for the twenty-first century.

We want to illuminate the enormous significance of performance in contemporary art.


-Commission new performance projects by using a methodology that uses research and presentation in an innovative way.

-Communicate and collaborate with art institutions and cultural organizations in Europe to create dynamic and historically significant performance awareness.

-Offer an ongoing educational platform for expanding the knowledge and understanding of this critical area of visual art and cultural history.

Performance can be described by its “non-being-ness”: it is neither “object”, acting, or dance, it does not properly belong to any established discipline. Performance explores and questions the way we look at the body in our society, both the language of the body and the language of our society. We aim at answering this issue by creating a platform that allows performance art to be researched, developed, exhibited and communicated.

The selected artists will develop their concepts into performance exhibitions, one every year, during a three-month residency at LILITH. The same project will be displayed at MAXXI at a yearly festival of performance, which aims to create audience development on an institutional and public level. TRIAD will focus on developing educational programmes to engage a greater audience.


TRIAD is a not-for-profit and registered charity in UK and a not-for-profit in the US. TRIAD aims to promote contemporary visual arts for public benefit and is supported by trusts, private giving, cultural organizations and corporate sponsorship.

MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, is the first Italian national institution devoted to contemporary creativity. Conceived as a broad cultural campus, MAXXI is managed by a Foundation constituted in the July of 2009 by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and headed by Giovanna Melandri. Since December 2013 Hou Hanru has been the Artistic Director of the museum, which includes MAXXI Architettura, directed by Margherita Guccione, and MAXXI Arte, directed by Anna Mattirolo. The MAXXI building is a major architectural work designed by Zaha Hadid, located in Rome’s Flaminio quarter and featuring innovative and spectacular forms.

Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit organization and an independent arena for practical artistic research, focusing on visual art performance. Lilith Performance Studio initiates new exceptional performances and shows them for a large audience.