Play of Lights, Tara Donovan Review

Written by Irene Due

Play of Lights

It is always surprising and fascinating to see a large-scale installation by Tara Donovan. Her work draws you into a space that appears as if materials from the future have grown into the environmental context of the space through process and precision.

Tara Donovan is an American artist living in New York whose work is characterised by her use of everyday materials such as plastic cups and straws to produce amazing site-specific installations. The intriguing aspect of her work is how she manages to take possession of a space using these commonplace objects, and what seem to be natural looking organisms. From a distance these installations seem to have been created by technology, and only when you observe her work close-up do the details of individual objects stand out. Several of her installations also play with the element of light, giving her work an aspect of natural growth that fills the pieces with life.

Her next installation will be hosted as part of Platform, an opportunity to exhibit awarded every year to a single artist at Parrish Art Museum, inviting the artist to use the entire museum as potential site. We are looking forward to seeing how she will use the space to incorporate her work into the museum through the use using simple, everyday objects.

The exhibition runs throughout the summer at the Parrish Art Museum, New York from the 4th of July 2015 until the 18th October 2015.

By Irene Due