Hyper Sexualised, Marilyn Minter

Written by Irene Due

If we were to visualize society’s deepest fantasies and desires, they might look a lot like Marilyn Minter’s works. Her photographs, videos and hyper-realistic paintings seductively incorporate close-ups of the female body interwoven with hints of a glamorous lifestyle.

As a female American artist living in New York, it is perhaps not surprising that her work touches on elements of fashion, celebrity lifestyle, and decadence. The portraits she confronts her audience with be they photographs, paintings or videos, all have the ability to draw us in immediately, ensnaring us in a glittering world. On closer inspection, we realise the images actually contain subtle imperfections, giving the images a slight disturbing quality. This game of illusions Minter plays proves that in the end the essence of our fantasy of perfection is quite fragile. She represents femininity while criticizing the idea of beauty as dictated by fashion, through visually seductive images.

Minter’s pieces are highly collectable. Her exceptional talent as an artist has been proven by the numerous exhibitions across the globe and the fact she is representation by gallery Salon94, New York.

Her next exhibition, wonderfully entitled Pretty/Dirty, is her first major museum retrospective, exploring in detail the works of her 40-year career. Organised by two major museums, it will initially be shown at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston opening April 18th 2015 until August 2nd 2015; followed by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver opening September 18th 2015 to January 31st 2016.

By Irene Due