FAKE BONES at Lilith Performance Studio

FAKE BONES is the title of an ongoing performance piece by Swedish artist Leif Holmstrand in collaboration with Japanese artist collective OLTA.

The work is a large-scale durational piece that explores ritualistic practice through acts of eating, cooking, the televised programmes about cooking; the notions of physicality and birth and death. Through transformative shamanistic references and conversations about biology, ecology and the ego, the representation of culture and time in this performance is abstracted and mythologised.

Leo Holmstrand began his career as a poet in 2002 and since then has continued as a practicing artist. His works employ knitting and crocheting to create unconventional wearable sculptures. His body of work incorporates still image, video and performance that looks at topics such as paranoia, phantasm and household waste.

OLTA is a seven person art collective. Formed of graduates from the Oil Painting Department of Tama Art University. Their mission is to reconciliate present day modernistic media and technology with the relationship towards the notion of the primitive and the ancient through performative sculptural installations.

Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit organization and an independent arena for practical artistic research, focusing on visual art performance.

The exhibition opens 17 – 26 September 2015, 7pm – 10pm at Lilith Performance Studio Bragegatan 15, 212 14 Malmö, Sweden.

No booking is required.