Forms of the New Aesthetic: Performed conversation between Remen Chopra and Veeranganakumari Solanki


TRIAD’s curators, Veeranganakumari Solanki, and artist Remen Chopra recently participated at the Biennale of Arezzo (Italy). Together, they produced a performed conversation based on theory of New Aesthetic. The main objective of this talk/performance is the active participation and interaction with an audience who will realised their current situation as that of the New Aesthetic.

A dialogue between the artist and the curator is staged as a conversation to reveal the form of the new-aesthetic. This is not an ordinary dialogue, it is not a staged discussion and neither is it a practiced performance; it is a visual sound, shadow and verbal narrative inculcating the new-aesthetic. The new-aesthetic is the new movement in art that has subconsciously filtered into contemporary practices. There is a new-aesthetic that is on the brink of spilling over into a renewal of ideas, forms, creative concepts and reflective thoughtforms. This staged dialogue will not only put forth the propositions of the artist and curator, but will disperse into a universal movement that will be taken up in various places around the world with each dialogue basing itself on this first base of the new-aesthetic. The conversations are partly spoken, partly recited, and often translated into the universal language of sound. The flow from one form to the next is a gradual one, which involves the audience into a spatial understanding of the theory of the new-aesthetic. The performance will be placed in the medium of time, since it plays a crucial role within the conception of this new-Renaissance aesthetic. The artist will weave a prose with projections of visuals into the theories of the curator’s structure. This will lead to an establishment of principles within the harmony of diversity in a fractured post-modern world. This theatrical intervention will create a base for the new aesthetic while posing questions, proposing answers and stimulating thoughtforms in relation to the progress of the new-aesthetic.

Script: Remen Chopra and Veeranganakumari Solanki