You Can Only Understand From a Distance

23 March – 27 April 2016

Six Female Video Artists
Six Weeks

You Can Only Understand From A Distance is a TRIAD developed project dedicated to showcasing female video-artists, emphasising their approach to video-art. TRIAD’s goal is to create a recurrent occasion of encounter and an ongoing conversation on video-art and moving images with the public.

The project focuses on a group of six women artists and on their approach to social and political topics and gender issues, through the medium of video-art. The artists map unique cultural approaches and varying levels of interest on topics such as politics, conflict, society, intimacy and nature.

The leading thread of the exhibition consists of the awareness of expressing a specific emotional and analytic point of observation, being a woman and an artist in contemporary societies. Different topics and contexts will analyse concepts that a male-driven society and art society can only be understood from an emotional and physical distance.

Every Wednesday, for six weeks, TRIAD will offer the screening of one or more video works by one of the participating artists, followed by a panel discussion or an artist talk. TRIAD will be screening the videos from the 23rd of March to 27th of April 2016 and a conversation with the general public, curators, art students and collectors will be open to everyone.

TRIAD Gallery
28 Field Steet