You Can Only Understand From a Distance

6 April 2016
Antonia Wright
Suddenly We Jumped (1) and (2)
Are You Okay? Paris
Are You Okay? New York

Antonia Wright

Suddenly We Jumped (1) and (2) (2014)

Suddenly We Jumped is a performance for video in which Antonia Wright smashes through a sheet of glass with her nude body. The video is shot in slow motion and the use of the high frame rate enables the viewer to see every detail of her naked figure as it comes into contact and then explodes through the glass, allowing for a heightened experience of the visual metaphor. Inspired by Futurist ideals and aesthetics, in Suddenly We Jumped, Wright transforms the body into a mechanized weapon to be catapulted into the air.

Are You Okay? Paris (2013) 

Are You Okay? New York (2011)

Are You Ok? is a multi-locational on-going performance piece whereby the artist positions herself on the streets of various cities around the world and begins to cry. The project explores the concept of social structures and tests our rules of behavior within different systems and in different cultures. The artist delivers each performance as an experiment, analyzing different communities and the individuals who may or may not stop to ask if she is okay.

In these videos, the artist visits Midtown New York, downtown Miami, Paris, and more recently, in Havana. Wright intentionally appears well dressed- wearing a black dress, high heels, and carrying a nice purse. She stands in well-trafficked areas and straps her camera to a tripod far enough away. A work of performative endurance, the artist attempts to make each encounter as authentic as possible.

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About the artist 

Antonia Wright explores the various politics and comic facets of contemporary life through a multidisciplinary practice that blurs the boundaries between live performance, video, photography, sculpture, poetry, and perception. With extreme attention to aesthetic quality, her work brings everything to the body to create powerful visual metaphors that at times appear ambivalent but are never obscure. Wright acknowledges the layers of societal taboos and barriers between her artistic choices, and pointedly pushes them into the public realm for the viewer to examine and assimilate.

Antonia Wright graduated from the New School University in New York City with an MFA in Poetry as well as at the International Center of Photography. She has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad and has been awarded artists residencies both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at The Screening Room (Miami, FL), Spinello Projects (Miami, FL), Luis de Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), NSU Art Museum Ft. Lauderdale, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Miami, FL), [email protected] at the Mosquera Collection, The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Other exhibitions include Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY), Ping Pong (Basel, Switzerland), The Faena Arts Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina), The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, The National Gallery of Art (Nassau, Bahamas), The Tampa Museum of Art with the Hadley Martin Fisher Collection, Aeroplastics (Brussels, Belgium), and The Cisneros-Fontanals Foundation (CIFO). In April 2012, she became the first artist-in-residence at the Lotus House Shelter for women and children in Overtown, Miami.
Wright’s work has been presented in publications including The New York Times, Artforum’s Critics’ Picks, Art In America, New York Magazine, Daily News, Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and The Art Newspaper.

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