An Instagram-Based Project
1 March – 28 November, 2016
Exhibition 24 February – 10 March 2017

9 topics, 9 months, 1 art project


TRIAD, in collaboration with Amalia Caputo and Marina Font are thrilled to announce the artists for the 9TOPICS final exhibition at Arthill Gallery in London, opening on February 24th.

Choosing from the wonderful photographs we received every month for nine months was such a difficult yet enriching task. We aimed to pick those images that would best relate or represent each topic, and we found that there were so many powerful voices it was quite hard to narrow the images down to thirty, to represent each topic. Even harder to pick the 9 curated images for the portfolio. It has been an amazing gestation process!

We are so grateful to all who accompanied us in this extraordinary project. We hope to see you in London or follow the Insta feed that day, wherever you are.

Keep instagraming, all the best,


Terms and Conditions

Download a PDF of the terms and conditions.


24th February 2017 to 10th March 2017

Private view on 23rd February 2017 6.00-8.30 pm

Prize awarding and panel discussion on 23rd February 2017 7.00-7.45 pm

Panel Moderator: Rodrigo Orrantia

TRIAD, in partnership with artists Amalia Caputo and Marina Font and in collaboration with Arthill Gallery, is proud to present the exhibition in London of the highly acclaimed first Instagram-based art project, 9TOPICS.

At its second edition, #9TOPICS has created the opportunity to develop a social platform fruition to the next level, conceptually exploring and representing social contents (the 9 topics), artistically involving the vast population of Instagram users.

Photographers, artists and social media enthusiasts from all over the world have been invited to participate in this innovative artistic project that explores the subject of ‘the SELF’.

Our relation with the notion of self is complex, enriching and exciting. Is it based on our mental perception, our chemistry, or is it the world that surrounds us that defines who and what we are?

A selection of topics was made by the artists and released, one each month of the project, for 9 months, from March to November 2016.

A selection of the most relevant images has been made every month and published on TRIAD website and on Instagram.

The exhibition in London will show the selected photographic images and will award the chosen 9 finalist images among all the participants from all over the world.

A panel discussion on the opening day will include the artists Marina Font and Amalia Caputo, moderator Dr. Rodrigo Orrantia, TRIAD’s director Mariateresa Setaro and other participants. All the winners will be present or online during the panel discussion.


Without our face,we would would have a hard time trying to distinguish ourselves from others.Our self-image is not only important but an intrinsic part of being human.Selfies let us show who we really want to be, how we want to be seen. For this last topic, #Myselfwithoutme we are seeking for images that identify YOU as yourself without necessarily using your face or self image. For the last month of this enriching and great project, we challenge you to think outside the selfie box and give us the true you without a face.


How do we connect with lust, appetite, aspirations, cravings, needs, devotions, fascinations, yearning, will, greed?  How desire influences what we grow to be?  Desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, object, or outcome.  When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal(s). In this second to last topic, we are longing, wishfully waiting for your delightful, audacious, and passionate clicks!


CONNECTIONS are relationships in which persons, things, or ideas are linked or associated with something/someone else. Our fall #9topicstriad for September calls for a myriad of close encounters.We wish to see in your pictures about everything that can be linked with you: somebody else, two or more things, many ideas, lots of people, situations, places, similar causes, origins, goals, etc. Share with us your bonds, your correspondences, your alliances and links to the world!

Please post your images to #9topicsTRIAD and remember that you need to set your page into public so we can see your posts and best, be able to select them for the month’s images. Thank you 🙂



HABITS What’s in a habit? A mental character or disposition, an acquired behavior or pattern, that regularily follows until it has become almost involuntary. A particular practice, custom or usage.

Habits are dominant or regular tendencies we follow prevailing character or quality, how do we act in a particular way, establish customs, rituals etc. Habits are learned behaviours in response to a particular situation. In August, share with us #9topicsTRIAD your habits … let us know what has shaped you, what yo do, what you can’t live without. 😉


July Topic: #Memories

Our summer is plagued with memories: smells, sounds, images, re-collections of all kinds. For our month of July, our topic # MEMORIES goes back to the past in looking towards the future. Please share with us #9topicsTRIAD your personal memories or construct new ones, … let us know what has shaped you and what will remain with you along your path.


June Topic: #Beliefs

Generally, beliefs are somewhat private, yet many of our faithful collaborators did share some of their #beliefs with #9topicsTRIAD for the month of June. From nature to icons, objects to sacred spaces and rituals, our selection shows a vast range of interpretations


Confidence, faith, truth. A belief is an opinion or a conviction, to have confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. Our beliefs affect every aspect of our own life, forming the pillars of all our motivations. Our beliefs create our different worlds by focusing our attention on what we perceive as possible.

We crave for images that will reveal the wonders of your self: you are exceptional, enough and amazing. Spread the voice, invite your friends!! Grow the #9topicsfamily. Everybody can join!!! Selected images will be revealed on June 30th, 2016. Check back then to see if you’ve been selected.


May Topic: #Anatomy


Anatomy, our fourth #9topicsTRIAD topic was amazing! We were thrilled to receive so many interesting entries with a big range of interpretations regarding #ANATOMY.  We found such a broad spam of anatomies that shapes our world!

Please find below our grid with selected images or [email protected]

In science, anatomy refers to everything concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals and any other living organisms, revealed by dissection and separation of their parts. For May, and since #9topics is not science but art, we wish you get inspired to dissect your metaphors in relation to everything that you can think of related to your/the body, a most unique repository of your soul and life. We crave for images that will reveal the wonders of your self: you are exceptional, enough and amazing. Spread the voice, invite your friends!! Grow the #9topicsfamily. Everybody can join!!! Selected images will be revealed on the May 31st. 2016. Check back then to see if you’ve been selected.


April Topic: #Dependency


Our #9topics second month went by quite fast! We remain grateful to all who participated with your images to our #dependency topic for April!  Below you will find a wonderfully rich set of images that speak in so many levels about how we depend on wonderful and not so wonderful things that certainly define us by needing them: Nature, blood, air, relationships, meds, chocolate, coffee, energy, ourselves, and above all, love.  It was challenging to choose from so many amazing images. We are in bliss by all the creativity and great photos submitted! Please find below our grid with selected images or [email protected]


What are you dependent on? Yourself, a state, a relationship, a territory, an attribute, an apparatus? What do you need to have/do/rely on? We sense DEPENDENCY not necessarily as a bad thing. We all need.

For this second month of #9topicsTRIAD we wish you to show us what you’re attached to, what is your vital elan that you can’t live without. Show us what are you true to. What or who makes you tremble if you don’t have, what freezes you, how you linger. Embrace your true leitmotifs in life.

Selected images will be revealed on the 31st April 2016. Check back to see if you’ve been selected.


March Topic: #My World

We at #9topicsTRIAD welcome you to our first month’s selection for: #MY WORLD. 

We were delighted to inaugurate our second 9topics edition with a great turnaround! We loved to receive so many different approaches: the intimate, personal universes, as well as a gaze to a wider, broader and outer world.   

Please find below our grid with selected images or at @9topicsTRIAD

What illustrates your personal world? How do you connect with what surrounds you? what defines you within your context?

We at #9topicsTRIAD welcome you to our first month’s selection for: MY WORLD.

We were delighted to inaugurate our second 9TOPICS edition with a great turnaround! We loved to receive so many different approaches: the intimate, personal universes, as well as a gaze to a wider, broader and outer world.

Please find below our grid with selected images or [email protected]


Description and guidelines for entry:

It’s free and easy to get involved. Simply follow the below steps to unleash the artist in you and be part of something amazing:

  1. On the first day of each month, starting 1st March, visit the TRIAD website to discover the topic of that month relating to the self.
  2. Using this topic as inspiration, create your artwork/photograph and share it on Instagram using @9TopicsTRIAD.
  3. Artists Amalia Caputo and Marina Font will be reviewing all your submissions and re-gramming the most original photographs on Instagram @9TopicsTRIAD, on the 28th of each month.
  4. The start of the following month sees the next round of creativity commence, with the new topic being announced on the TRIAD website and in the @9topicsTRIAD.
  5. The 9TOPICS project will take place over 9 months, finishing in December 2016. Selected works from the project will be shared in a special edition in January 2017 and we’re currently seeking funding for a physical exhibition of 9TOPICS in London.

Please see the menu at the top of this screen to quickly skip to the topic of choice.

Terms and Conditions including further information about the project can be found on the downloadable PDF.

Terms and Conditions

Download a PDF of the terms and conditions.


Amalia Caputo is a photo-based artist, art historian and writer, living and working in Florida since 2003. Her thoughts about photography convey its duality, being both a narrative or a non-narrative tool, always as an intermediate between the thought and the action of clicking. Since 1989 Amalia Caputo has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in Caracas, Barcelona, Miami, London, Mexico, New York, Taipei among others. Her work is present in prolific public and private collections such as Fundacion Banco Mercantil, Venezuela, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami, Galeria de Arte Nacional de Venezuela, among others.

Marina Font is a photo-based artist, living and working in Florida since 1997. Her works deal with ideas of identity, gender, territory, language and memory. She has exhibited widely in museums, cultural institutions and galleries in the USA, Italy, China, Uruguay and Argentina. Her work is present in various public collections such as the Lowe Art Museum at The University of Miami and the MDC Museum of Art+Design, Miami and various private collections in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Vienna, Argentina, Dubai, Mexico and the USA, including Girls Club.